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SDVS Sangh

Shri Duradundeshwar Vidya Samvardhak Sangh, Sankeshwar
(S. D.V.S. Sangh)
(The Best Private Management Award Winner)

Shri Duradundeshwar Vidya Samvardhak Sangh, Sankeshwar has triumphant history of more than eight decades. Its maiden educational Institution in the name of Shri Duradundeshwar Lajapatraya High school was started in the year 1929. In l964 the society was registered as SDE Society under the Societies Registration Act. The response from the public and the student world was encouraging. Many high schools and primary schools were functioning under the society's Management, further the enthusiastic management thought of starting a college. It was at this time the Sangh was reconstituted and was renamed as Shri Duradundeshwar Vidya Samvardhak Sangh, Sankeshwar.

S. D. V. S Sangh was blessed by the spirit of Siddha Samsthanmath, Nidasoshi. Whole hearted and selfless efforts of the management people enabled the Sangh to secure a prominent and firm place in the education in North Karnataka. Generous donors provided a sound economic base to the Sangh. Shrimant L. B. Saradesai of Vantmuri, Late Shri S. S. Patil (Khatedar) of Sankeshwar are a few names amongst the benevolent donors. “Hira sugar” Factory, Sankeshwar, the people of Sankeshwar and the surrounding are always the backbone of the S. D. V. S. Sangh.

At the juncture Late Shri Appanagouda Patil came as God sent man. He was an amazing architect of many educational institutions brought up by the S. D. V. S. Sangh. After the demise of Shri Appanagouda Patil, Sahakar Maharishi, Shri Basagouda Patil Chariotered the Sangh to its present glory. At present the S. D. V. S. Sangh is running Six full fledged Degree Colleges, Four Junior Colleges, Seven High Schools, Three Primary Schools, Two K. G. Schools, Two Balamandirs a MBA College and an ITI College. This very account of the various Standard Educational Institutions speaks of the successful journey of the Sangh over the period.

The S. D. V. S. Sangh is heading towards new heights under the able Chairmanship of Shri Appayagouda B. Patil, MLA, Former Minister, Govt. of Karnataka with many more plans on cards.

The Six Degree, One PG, Four P. U. College and other institutions of the Sangh though rural in their location are unique in their performance. The students of our colleges have outstanding achievements by consistently bagging ranks at P. U. Board and University Examinations. They are not lagging behind in Sports and Extracurricular activities. They have feathered our colleges with many Gold and Silver Medals and Awards of distinction at University and State level.

The teaching faculty includes experienced teachers, eminent scholars, state awardees, poets, writers and authors of books on various subjects. Many professors have PhD and M.Phil degree to their credit. The president and state awardee teachers have enriched the glory of the Sangh.

This suffices to prove the quality of our institutions and the Sangh.