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President's Message

Why will you Want to Come to AIMR, Sankeshwar?

In today's complex world you must recognize what you want to be.

Learning from some of the best teachers in their business and having an exceptional environment to learn also matters. Please know that your MBA experience Is once in a lifetime experience. Hence, we have taken the care to produce a program that is right for you.

Come now to a place that has no distractions, Peaceful, a small town with roads connected to the large districts Belgaum about 52 Kms away and Kolhapur about 54 Kms away, now add to this an outstanding faculty who have a reputation of academic excellence and leadership.

What do you have now? The best place to study!

AIMR MBA is designed to provide its students with a comprehensive background in all aspects of business and management. While also providing an opportunity to focus in on a specialist area of management for those who wish so. All students undergo compulsory management disciplines which include the core areas of Management. Organizational Behavior, Finance Marketing, and Operations Analysis in their junior year, that can lead to specializations in the senior years.
The AIMR MBA takes a strong international perspective in all areas The MBA program will provide you with evidence of personal dedication and commitment an international orientation development of interpersonal skills, presentation and communication skills, as well as greater confidence in your overall managerial abilities. The combination of theory and its practical application provides you with problem solving management skills of immediate and enduring value.

We promise to stretch your mind by giving the Rani Channamma university MBA program more rigor.

Are you ready for the Experience?

All the Best
Mr. A. B. Patil




Honorable President

              Mr. A. B. Patil