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The management of SDVS Sangh

Mr. Appayagouda B. Patil, president of Shri Duradundeeshwar Vidya Samvardhak Sangh, Sankeshwar comes from a family of the pioneers of the cooperative movement in Karnataka. SVDS Sangh now has the Midas touch, since he started a new educational institute in the last 15 years as the head he has brought a spectrum of courses, previously unthinkable, and more they are all successful, what more than 18 institutions and 7000 students. The cause closest to his heart is the education of the rural masses and education of the girl child. Mr. Patil - has a knack for selecting the best talent and getting them to the SVDS Sangh Sankeshwar, he has left no stone unturned in scouting for lecturers and professors and he has started yet again for this new venture comes from a family of the pioneers of the cooperative movement in Karnataka. He has a track that is envy of many - a humanitarian of the highest order, a perfect educationist, and a manager’s manager. He was elected for the state assembly four times and has been a minister for medical education and a minister of mining and environment.


Mr. Gurulingappa S. Indi - one of the leading lawyers from this part of the country has an unblemished reputation of fighting for the rights and succeeding. He is the Vice Chairman of the SVDS Sangh. He is also an educationist of repute and heads various trusts and societies in this region.

Mr. Gurulingappa S. Indi


Mr. Balakrishna S. Hatanuri - one of the largest edible oil Industrialist of Northern Karnataka. He is a humanitarian to the core with many Philanthropic causes especially in education.

Mr. Balakrishna S. Hatanuri


Mr. Kallappa I. Nadagadalli - he was born in a distinguished family of Sankeshwar, has various agricultural businesses, and was pioneer in the dry agriculture and green house in this part of Karnataka. He has used his finances to help the economically unprivileged and insists on education for all, his work can be seen in the various schools he runs in the interior and upcountry.

Mr. Kallappa I. Nadagadalli


Mr. Kashinath C. Shirakoli - An agriculturist, a fighter for the downtrodden, is a member of many societies and non -government organization and have received various awards from the Government of Karnataka.

Mr. Kashinath C. Shirakoli


Mr. Shankar D. Bhangari - Has a huge experience in finance and is respected in the financial community as an accountant. Has a deep concern for education and is one of the leading thinkers of education for the poor and weak in society.

Mr. Shankar D. Bhangari


Mr. Shivananda G. Sansuddi - has business in various verticals and places in Karnataka. His main business being in the sugar sector, he is a philanthropist and is well respected in the society.

Mr. Shivananda G. Sansuddi


Mr. Vinayakumar A. Patil - is a graduate from England in business. He is the youngest member of the SDVS Sangh, well read and polished. The AIMR is his brain. He believes in making the SDVS Sangh’s AIMR a unique and exemplary institute.

Mr. Vinayakumar A. Patil


Mr. Rayagouda B. Patil - a lawyer by profession, he is known to be the author of many successful Cases, when other had given up. He is a strong devotee of Mata Saraswati and has worked in various capacities to bring education to the rural masses.

Mr. Rayagouda B. Patil


Mr. Gangadhar D. Mudashi - He is a landlord and business person, has interests in farming and agriculture. He is one of the leading minds in irrigation technology and agrarian economics.

 Mr. Gangadhar D. Mudashi


Mr. Dayananda S. Kesti - He is the chairperson of many associations, he is known for his ethics in society and business. He has a large FMCG business and is one of the largest distributors of FMCG products in North Karnataka.

Mr. Dayananda S. Kesti