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Course and Syllabus

We offer two year full time MBA with choice based credit system (CBCS) program that can help students specialize in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Production and Operations Managements and Information System. The AIMR has taken a lot of care in selecting subjects and a curriculum that are state of art and pertain to the latest that any management college can, offer to challenge a student. The AIMR offers (free text books for first semester & an option to own laptop in the second semester.)

It depends on every student what she or he can “Take away from the course.” Rather it depends on the student (and not the course) to make the best bet of going forward from the time they join the MBA. At AIMR we intend to lift student by stretching limits by putting mere rigor into the course.

We will begin the year or the Semester-I with the ‘Foundations’. Foundations are mandatory for all streams. Accounts for Arts & Science streams. Communication for all streams. Mathematics for Commerce & Arts streams.

Each of the Course would have two components- the first being Internal Assessment Marks (IA) and the second being the Semester End Exams. Tanal Assessment marks are based on continuous internal assessment. The total marks for the Internal Assessment would be based on the total credit awarded to the Course. i.e.. for instance if a Compulsory Course has a Credit award of 4, then the total max marks would be 100 for the subject. Out of total marks, 20 marks will be earmarked for continuous Internal Assessment (IA) and remaining 80 marks for the Semester-examination. However, in case of project work. The distribution of marks for Internal Assessment and Examination shall be left to the discretion Of Inc. (or corned teachers).
The purpose of IA is to ensure that there is continuous internal assessment throughout the semester .Hence IA in each semester would have a distributed right across a variety of tests and assignments


Components of IA f or 50 marks are as follows:
 Attendance : 10%or2 marks for 20 marks IA
2 Tests (announced) : 10%or4 marks for 20 marks IA
2 Tests (surprise) : 10%or4 marks for 20 marks IA
2 Assignments (Rigorous) :  30% or 6 marks for 20 marks I A
1 Small Prefect (Operational) :  20% or 4 marks for 20 marks I A

 All marks will be reduced to 20 IA as per Rani Channamma University rules.


The purpose of the IA marks is to ensure that there is at least one IA activity every fortnight. For instance, the two surprise tests and two announced tests will be held - one every fortnight. That way, we make sure that the student is continuously engaged in some or the other IA activity.

Marks of all the tests shall be taken into account for the compilation of grades. The marks list should be notified in the department notice board before 13th week and shall be submitted to the Registrar Evaluation before 15th week of every semester.

The tests shall be written in a separately designated book and after evaluation & the same should be shown to students.

There are no Improvement tests for Internal Assessment.

F.  Attendance

To encourage the students for the regular participation in academic Curriculum following break-up for attendance has been recommended –

Attendance IA Marks
91  to  100% 5
86  to  90% 4
80  to  85% 3
76  to  80% 2
71  to  75% 1
<70% 0 (Students with less than 75%attendance will not be allowed to appear for the finals)

A Student who does not satisfy the requirements of attendance shall not be permitted to take the examination of those papers. All such students shall repeat that paper in subsequent year as regular student at his/her own risk and will have to make up for the loss of attendance by attending classes as regular student. All his prior Internal Assessment marks in the concerned subject shall be cancelled and he will have to appear for his/her Internal Assessment Test again for the concerned paper/s. (Clause X (d) iii)