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Admission Criteria

To be considered for the admission, you must.

  1. Complete the three or four years of undergraduate program at an accredited UGC university or its equivalent in another country.
  2. Submit the complete AMIR application portfolio, including test, academic transcript and passing or equivalence certificates. All applications have to be submitted on or before the last given date in the prospectus and handbook.
  3. Provide your scores from the CMAT of AICTE, only test considered for MBA admission. Scores more than one year will not be accepted.
  4. As the course is taught in English, we expect you to brush up your English speaking and writing skills, because our MBA curriculum is fast paced and rigorously analytical, we encourage all applications to complete foundations in qualitative subjects such as accounting, finance & economics. For all candidates, we make contingents upon their completing such course they enroll management students. 

As you prepare to apply for AMIR, it may help to understand what we look for in prospective candidates. In evaluating your application, we look for five qualities.

1.  Academic abilities
Because the MBA Program is personally and intellectually demanding for even the best prepared students, we look for the student who clearly has the academic skills and discipline to succeed.

2.  Discipline
You need to attend close to 100% of the classes prepared. We expect you to be well read on cases and read to ask questions in class answer quizzes at short notice and demand more from yourself.

3.  Leadership experience
Since our vision to place where the individual is transformed within a highly engaged, integrated learning community to make a difference in the world, we are keenly interested in how you have demonstrated your leadership, formally and informally in college in your extra circular interest and in the workplace.

4.  Personal qualities and characteristics
The management course is not the right course for everyone. An important goal in the admission process is finding the right fit for individual students, while creating sections that are diverse, dynamic and balanced. We urge you to reevaluate your plans before taking the admission because MBA is commitment for a lifetime.

5.  Reading
MBA is all about staying ahead of the pack .That means your ability to read and assimilate the right stuff is critically important. You are expected to read of about 1000 pages per week, to keep up with your competition from other business schools.