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About Us

Since establishment, Annapoorna Institute of Management Research at Sankeshwar, has been shaped by its stakeholders. Who believe the Institute must be outstanding in culture, education, rigor, integrity and vibrant learning. The institute wants to make a difference to all students who pass through its portals. Our goal is to make good students better.

About 52 kilometers from both Belgaum and Kolhapur, Annapoorna Institute of Management Research, Sankeshwar was born with a unique combination of endurance and selflessness. At its core are these two principles. Many people told the management of SDVS Sangh... 'An MBA in Sankeshwar, It will not work' There are a lot of institutes that do not get recognition in rural areas, 'Where will you get the staff? What about students?' Each of the detractors has been answered these two years, the college has grown and flourished, well it is because we have dedicated staff especially people at the helm of affairs, strong loving patient individuals who believe in creativity, solid academic fundamentals, yet remaining flexible by reinventing and adapting both academically and organizationally. One thing is sure, Our staff and teachers have one commitment to make a genuine difference to the lives of students as we have always said COME SEE THE DIFFERENCE.

From its beginning AIMR has pushed its students beyond their comfort zones, Cajoling, Scolding, Pushing and Stretching.

In an age of increasing demands and pressures, new frontiers reveal themselves most readily for those with both an open mind and time to venture forth, like people who extend themselves beyond their comfort zones and by the same token, making the time to venture into new frontiers is all in the choosing. The MBA Program at Annapoorna Institute of Management Research, Sankeshwar, facilitates that choosing and leads the way in educating students who seek to enhance their career with practical and research based knowledge that comes from an AICTE- RCU accredited MBA program.

All master level students are put through the paces of a rigorous curriculum designed and delivered by experienced faculty members who bridge the gap between theory and practice by continually relating business concepts to the realities of the participating students professional lives.

Graduating students emerge armed not only with a strong mix of theory and practice but also with an extensive professional background and regimen. Which serves to enhance the thinking and doing and to open up paths to new frontiers in business.

Mr. Kashinath C. Shirakoli - An agriculturist, a fighter for the downtrodden, is a member of many societies and non-government organizations. Societies he was a director of have received various awards form the Government of Karnataka.

We, the faculty put the Warner squarely in the center of everything they do. Providing students with a transformative educational experience - made up of Creative vision mixed with indisputable work ethic!

AIMR's business faculty devote themselves “... to prepare learners to succeed in the global business environment.” That commitment is the overriding inspiration behind the college's mission and is supported by the college's promise to maintain a global view of the world and of business education offer nothing less than outstanding educational programs and services: place as high a priority on outstanding instruction as on the generation of now knowledge and accept nothing less than continual improvement in the quality of faculty instruction and scholarship.

Faculty at AIMR challenges themselves and their peers to achieve and sustain pedagogical excellence. They immerse themselves in actual business issues to enrich their hands on knowledge, sustain their real world expertise, and enhance their theoretical prowess. Our faculty strives for balance and excellence in teaching, research and service in the business community for the sole purpose of empowering minds. At the same time, a caring and respect for each person is fostered.

Only academically qualified faculty and professionally qualified instructors teach on the college's graduate program.